"...Big, warm eyes and angelic face of the leading actress, Maja Mandzuka, take you off-guard immediately. It is, in fact, this inner sensitivity, in addition to the indisputable outside beauty, necessary for the world of show business, and healthy, well - kept apperance and laudatory upbringing that make her what she is..."
"Astra", january 2002, Dragan Azanjac, journalist
"...In Serbia, there are no female movie stars, except Maja Mandzuka..."
"Eksluziv", may 2002, Rade Serbedzija, actor
"...Young and, of course, beautiful, attractive but not affected, modern but well-behaved, famous but unconceited, on the threshold of a beautiful and promising career..."
"Jefimija", october 2001, Slobodan Savic, journalist
"...A day of shooting whitout Maja Mandzuka, was like a day without day light..."
"Film Danas", september 2001, Ratiborka Ceremilac, director
"...It's amazing how dexterous the actress, Maja Mandzuka, is in her transformations. In "Thunderbirds" she used to be a city girl, while in "The Virtual Reality" she portrayed the tragic personality of a drug addict. Maja's talent is great. The Actress of the Year Award is in the deserving hands..."
"Vecernje Novosti" december 2001, Mila Kodemo, journalist